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About Mr. Brian and the Boppets

Photography by Eli Reskow

In 1987 Mr. Brian discovered a talent he never knew he had....teaching and entertaining children. He had been a musician and played in many bands, but it wasn't until his son, Kyle, then 4, expressed an interest in music that Mr. Brian found his true calling. He devised a way to teach his young son music that soon became his first book, "Fun With Music."

In 1988 he established B Sharp Music Studio in Newton, NJ. B Sharp gave him the opportunity to teach music to other young children and to sharpen his production skills via talent shows and recitals. In 1989, Mr. Brian relocated to Jensen Beach, FL and once again opened B Sharp Studio.

Mr. Brian's unique style of teaching proved to not only be educational, but very entertaining. Parents and teachers began requesting him for school assemblies and parties. In 1994 the Mr. Brian show was joined by puppeteer, Susan McGahey. Together they created his puppet side kicks known as "The Boppets."

Mr. Brian and the Boppets are now in demand to perform at festivals, theaters, private parties, schools and special events throughout the United States and the Bahamas. Young audiences are captivated by his high energy, entertaining performance. Parents are left in awe by his ability to mesmerize the children with his musical production.

In 1993, the "Mr. Brian's Sound Around Town Show" premiered on WTCN-16 TV for a twenty-six week engagement. The following year the St. Lucie Educational Channel picked up "Mr. Brian's Sound Around town" and after seven years, "Mr. Brian's Sound Around Town" continues to be the highlight of their programming.

Mr. Brain has released several successful CD's including, Game of Sound, Wave Your Hands, and Here We Are Again.